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Huei Fu Lu

Huei Fu Lu

Director of Sport Management Department

Professor T

am Kang University, Ph.D of Management Sciences

  • Sport Management
  • Sport Economics
  • Research Method


Tien Tze Chen

Tien Tz​e Chen


Dean, College of Tourism Leisure and Sports Madonna University, USA Master of Health Science

  • S port Management
  • Physical Fitness
  • Baseball & Softball


Prof. Ying-Yi Lu

Prof. Ying-Yi Lu

Professor Ed.d

Shanghai University of Sport Ph.D in Education

( Department of Sport and Leisure Management)


  • Sport and Leisure, Sport Sociology,
  • Sport Organization and administration,
  • Sport club management,
  • introduction to sport volunteering,
  • Leisure market analysis in China,
  • managementand exploration


Noah Yang Hsu

Noah Yang Hsu

Associate Professor

Director, Continuing Education, Aletheia University.

Executive Director, Secretariat, World Association for Sport Management

West Coast University USA, Master of International Business.

  • Sport Marketing
  • Business Development & Strategy
  • Rugby


Ruey Shuan Lu

Ruey Shuan Lu

Associate Professor Chairman of an executive council, Chinese Taipei Marathon Association

National Chiayi University, Master of Physical Education, Health & Recreation

  • Event Management
  • Physical Fitness and
  • Training Track and Field - Marathon


Pei-Lu Yi

Pei-Lu Yi

Professor Ph.D, Graduate Institute of Veterinary Medicine (Basic Medical Science)

National Taiwan University M.Sc.

Department of Pharmacology National Cheng-Kung University

  • Prevention and Health of aging-related disease
  • Sports Medicine
  • Exercise and Sleep Medicine
  • Anatomy and Physiology


Professor Kuo Chin-Fang

Professor Kuo Chin-Fang


National Taiwan Sport University

Graduate Institute of Physical Education Master

National Taiwan University of Sport Graduate Institute of Recreational Sport Management


  • Health and Leisure Industry Analysis
  • Leisure Therapy - Leisure Education
  • Sport Sociology
  • Sport's Anthropology


Wen Hsi Chen

Wen Hsi ​Chen

Assistant Professor

Madonna University, USA. Master of Management

  • Accounting
  • Financial Management
  • Rick Management


Chih Jen Chuang

Chih Jen Chuang


Madonna University, USA. Master of Health Science

  • Sport Injury Treatment & Prevention
  • Fitness Program Planning
  • Golf
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