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Our past and future

Aletheia University set the trend to build up sport and management department in all universities in 1995.

For the first Chairman of the Department of Professor was Cai Maoqi, and then was Professor Lv Yinyi, and Professor Chen Tianci took over it in 2006. There are eight professional teachers including four PHD, four masters, one professor, two associate professors, three assistant professors, and two instructors. It is more and more obvious that the tourism and sport combined to create the important values, and our university detects this value firstly to change our position from management department to tourism department. Further, our department could use more resources to make the better arrangement for the students learn cross-fields knowledge in 1990.

Besides, there are fewer students to go abroad for studies, but most of them use the knowledge they learned to serve as employees in the related sport organizations in . In our department there are about 300 graduates. There are two classes in each grade and the total amount is eight classes in this department, and there were about more 400 students for eleven years. Sport and management department is located on the gorgeous Dan Shui Town which remains an ancient culture, facing the spectacular Guanyin Mountain and the Dan Shui river which breeds Taipei Basin , facing Taiwan Strait towards the east, accompanying with the historic buildings and beautiful scenery. It is also a great place to let students enjoy their learning pleasure during university. Recently, Dan Shui has become an important scenery spot, and also the best location to hold different kinds of activities to attract a large number of tourists on every weekend, and the students imperceptibly get more opportunities to understand the Dan Shui Culture. Take English seriously is one of characteristics in this department. There are some professional courses to apply the English textbooks to let the students learn more professional knowledge about sport and management. Further, another important characteristic is that we always strive for in close cooperation with sport industries. In addition to two month’s internship, our department also assigns a large number of students to assist the management jobs in the international competition. For example, the 2001 World Baseball Cup in Taipei , the 21st World Youth Baseball Cup in 2004, Football Games for Eastern Asia in 2005.

Our students’ serious performance has already obtained the praises of the sponsors, and we also obtained quite valuable practical management experience. From now on, our department will not give up the chances to grow up, and assign more students to devote to many international competitions. Look ahead, most enterprises in relocate to abroad, and the competition must be very fierce in the job market. However, there are more and more college graduates in the society, and the students in our university must have more professional skills than other graduates to make a success of their careers finally. Our department expects to provide the best training for the students before the graduation, and makes the students have complete business management techniques, the knowledge of physical education, the technology of information, as well as foreign language abilities. Further, our purpose is to make the students use the knowledge they learned in their favourite sport related jobs, and brings the new force for undeveloped sport industries.

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