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Our characteristics

  1. Before the graduation, the senior students have to hold professional research methods and serious attitudes towards exploring the issue of sport management, and publish their own dissertations to get the diploma in university.
  2. The students must complete the internship about 360 hours in sport related intuitions on campus or in society, and they have been absorbing lots of practical experience for four years from 2006.
  3. Adopt the practical methods: The students can use the knowledge they learned from the different subjects to hold the activities, to measure the physical fitness and to solve the management problems for enterprises, and these behaviours will help the students to avoid teaching theory without practical application.
  4. Inviting domestic experts and scholars to our department’s “Expert Forum of Recreation& Sport Industry” which is held six times in a semester year.
  5. During summer and winter vacations, our university will arrange the students to attend the famous sport clubs, sport medias, sport marketing agency, sport gyms, and related associations to get internship in .
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