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The concept of founded

The concept of the department founded

In comparison, the development of the Taiwanese sport industry is slower than the ’s export-oriented traditional industry and global high-tech industry.

Many people are indifferent to sports in , and cultural tradition is one of main reasons to cause sports industry not to be prevalent in our country. In addition to the increase of national income, people will have more money to consume the leisure and sport products. Furthermore, under the test-oriented shadow, new generation lack and dislike exercise, and this situation leads to insufficient people to attend every kind of exercise.

Therefore, it will have inevitable impact on the physical fitness of the nationals and eventually result in the fall of the 's competitiveness. Due to this situation, Aletheia University set the trend to establish sports and management department of universities in in 1998. Following that, we hope to recall Taiwanese people to pay attention to sports, health, as well as the economic values, and meanwhile cultivate the employees who are enthusiastic about the exercise, and also have the management talents to serve in the following organizations:

  1.  Non-profit Organization: National sports agency, public sports facility, community sports promotion, school athletic administration, sport association.
  2. Profit Organization: professional sports, sports marketing company, fitness club, sporting goods business, sports venue and facility. We hope sincerely that our graduates from this department will serve as the employees of sports in the future to promote the trend of sports effectively, and they also make the people enjoy more thoughtful sports’ facilities and services. Further, the graduates provide high quality stages to satisfy players and audiences at home and abroad. Furthermore, we hope our employees to make a big fortune for their own companies and this also brings lots of working opportunities to flourish sports industries.
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